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Seventytwo tree trunks & artists, one collaboration

A digital archive houses the 72 tree trunks in the Bregenz harbour. They represent 72 artists and their works on the theme of equality and respect for all living beings. The intermezzo of art through the pandemic has encouraged the transfer of many artworks to the digital; a QR code leads to a website where the works can be seen.

peter+paula turns into round72

Angelo Roventa is fascinated by the cultural heritage of the region as reflected in the signage of society. In 2018, he placed 12 tree trunks next to the Andelsbuch church of Peter and Paul and temporarily created a sacred, natural space. The tree trunks, as tall as the church tower itself, defined the circular space, with which the universalist Roventa created a speaking symbol for gender equality. The 12 tree trunks of the „peter+paula“ tower were transformed and processed for 72 for Bregenz. When entering the interior, the person becomes part of the exhibition. „Inside it is silent,“ the artist-architect quotes the experience from the tree circle of Andelsbuch.

7,2 decades. A constant cycle of life.

12 symbolises the wholeness of the zodiac and the number 6 the union in the sign of love. These 72 trunks form two concentric circles in the installation „round 72“, which again form a space of „emptiness“ in the middle as an essential. In various cultural circles, the number 72 has an important numerical symbolic meaning in connection with mystical and magical ideas. They are symbols and representatives with multi-layered interpretations. Symbols, however, acquire a double meaning in that they „reveal and conceal“ at the same time. The number 72 refers to the representation of a pentagram in a circle with 360 degrees. This five-pointed star is a symbol of the microcosm as the archetype of man.

Architect, Visionary & Creator

Through the primacy of the spirit and the principle of universal love, a dramatic yet orderly field of tension is formed. In this process, the chaos of the elements is transformed through awareness into an order in which the separating, in the sense of the polar tension and difference in our world, is given a new context through the connective of love. The pentagram as a microcosm refers to the human being who has recognised in himself his inherent law as an expression of inner autonomy and strives to realise his life in commitment to an inner order and in respect for and responsibility towards all living beings. And becomes a „flaming star“ himself. Angelo Roventa is a visionary artist-architect.

72 Artists & Artworks

Rondo 72 is a plea for the importance of art in public perception. Angelo Roventa constantly poses critical questions around man’s housing and shelter in this world. Most of the artists who were already present at Peter + Paula in Andelsbuch are now back. Plus some new ones. 

Achim Lang
digital 6
Albrecht Zauner
Alexander Waltner
gehe ich weiter schwebe dauerunendlich
Andrea Baczynski
Thirteen Classics
Andreas Erdmann
Vor dem Gesetz ...
Angelika Rümmele
Angelo Roventa
Anja Schlamann
Doing Memory
Barbara Anna Husar
Barbara Doser
In ein Weiß …
Barbara Sturm
Hand und Streifen
Benny Gleeson
Kain und Abela
Bianca Lugmayr
Birgit Riedmann
Anna Fioranelli
Carlota Rhomberg
Lockdown Figuren
Carmen Biste
Ohne Titel
Carmen Pfanner
Missile Furbody
Conni Holzer
first sip
Cornelia Erdmann
Greenspace 5457
Cornelia Hefel
Ohne Titel
Daniela Egger
Darko Todorovic
Sich um Dinge kümmern
Edith Hofer
Zopfmaushimmel – Maus Nr. 5
Elaine M. Goodwin
Quiddity of Light
Elisabeth Kopf
Elisabeth Penker
C. T Structure
Elmar Farsch
Delirium Tremens
Erich Wiesmüller
Ohne Titel
Felat Diljin
mit der Maske Selbstportrait
FRITZ aka @gggoldjunge
Gabriele Bösch
So spricht die Erde mit dem Wind
Gerald (Jerry) Domingue
Gerhard Benz
Dem Blinden scheint Meer tief wie blau
Gernot Bösch
Weltkugel aus Verteilerkästen
Gernot Riedmann
Gerry Ammann
Edition – „Real – Virtuell“
Gottfried Bechtold
Hydrodynamik versus Aerodynamik
Guido Kucsko
Conceptual Artist …
Heidulf Gerngross
Helmut King
Jimi Hendrix - Burning Guitar
Herbert Meusburger
Himi Burmeister
Pfänder Spaziergang
Hofstetter Kurt
Solennes Choral
Horia Boboia
The Philosopher
Ioan Iacob
Infanta Detail
Irina Boboia
Joachim Wiesner
Refection in fall #2
Johannes Diem
Jolanta Szalanska
Juris Baratinsky
Keyvan Paydar
The Beard is Present
Marianne Greber
Das tägliche Mittagsmahl
Marina Hämmerle
Ohne Titel
Markus Gohm
Martha García
Martina Feichtinger
Future – Frogs on poppy
Milan Mijalkovic
The Democratization of Nature
Nikolay Uzunov
Der Riese
Nina Lyne Gang
3 Bethen / Fadenspiel
Olaf Räderer
3 mal 3 – 9 – 72 Zahlensymbolische Spiegelungen
Ona B.
Velvet Revolution
Peter Lang
Thar sem Jokullinn Ber vi› loft
Radu Tuian
Navigati l Skill
Rafael Gómez-Moriana
Rosaana Velasco
Conejo del Pulque
Ruth Schnell, Kooperation Patricia Köstring
User's View 20181125
Sigrún Ólafsdóttir
Sir Edvin & Stephan Schmitz
Ohne Titel
Sol Mateo
No Border
Thomas Bohle
Röntgenbild 2014 – 28
Thomas Jocher
Mona Gone
Thomas Redl
Palace of Memory
Uta Belina Waeger
Uwe Jäntsch
Ohne Titel
Verena Wohlrab
water – elixir of life / dance
Vinicio Fioranelli
La Rottamazione
Viviane Babeliow
Dimensions Vari
Wolf Georg
Wolfgang Koch
Esther Attar
Zeebee aka Eva Engel
in Peace we live

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